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Black Mold: Symptoms, Problems and Treatment for Removal A lot of people nowadays have noticed that their homes are infested with black mold. This is most common in homes that have water seepage issues. You would find this in homes that may have gone through a flood or even homes that have had a busted pipe that didn’t have a thorough cleaning. Cleaning the area well will help ensure that you don’t spread the mold infestation. The spreading will most commonly be done through animals like your cat or your dog. The spores of the mold attach themselves to your Read More animal. Then wherever your pets lay, the spores of the mold will go as well. There are a number of problems that can arise from black mold. If you just had a child, getting rid of black mold should be your number one priority, as mold can cause respiratory troubles for your newborn baby. Along with these risks, you might also notice an increase in headaches, lung complications like trouble breathing, heart attacks, memory loss, viral infections, sore throat, and skin rashes or other types of infections. Although black mold is primarily black it also contains a greenish hue that makes it quick easy to detect. Black mold can grow anywhere, but it likes walls and flooring the best. Something you should note is that black mold can live without moisture but in order to spread and grow, water must be present. That means that you may have fixed the water leakage; however, you could still be housing a mold infestation without knowing it. Your best solution to this problem is to bring in an expert to make sure that you and your family are safe from the black mold. If you are going to remove the black mold yourself, you should take some precautions. First note that mold is more dangerous when it is dry. That is because the particles of the mold can become airborne when you try to remove it or agitate it. The best option for a self-removal would be to close off all vents and air ways to the rest of the house and open a window in the infected area. To help reduce airborne activity, lightly mist the mold with water when removing it. Clean the area thoroughly and discard the mold in a plastic bag. If mold was growing on material objects like a coat or book, it would be best to discard those items. After cleaning the area, make sure to wipe away the moisture to keep black mold from returning. Read Less

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